Tuesday, September 11, 2018

a day in the life

The date today:

10 September, 2018

How's the weather?

It's been raining since evening last.

All through the night it rained.

I love that sound.

What are you wearing?

Black leggings and a turquoise peasant tunic/blouse

I plan on wearing rain boots as well. 

What chore around the house have you been putting off?

I had been putting off cleaning the tub.

Luckily my husband, who is home recovering from

thyroid surgery for a few more days did it yesterday!

What are you reading?

I haven't gotten into anything good but I'm looking for something 

A scripture verse you'd like to share.

Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded,
set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you
at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 
1 Peter 1:13

Is here a prayer request you'd like to share?

Please pray for my sister who has recently finished

her chemo treatment. She has colon cancer which has

spread to her sacrum. She is still taking a chemo pill

and has an injection into her port every other week.

How about a creative project you are working on?
One in progress or one still in your head.

I have just begun a diversity tapestry at work.

I work with toddlers and we will be weaving 

different types and colours of fabric together

which will represent us.

What special dish or baked item are you planning for this week?

I am going to be making and oatmeal cake with chocolate icing.

Your latest acquisition?

Oh nothing...I am going to be purchasing a rather dear

stand mixer for my daughter soon though.
A photo you'd like to share?

Any parting thoughts?

Autumn is my very favorite time of year.

I find myself content just to open the windows and

breathe in the fresh air.


  1. It is so nice to see that you have joined in with Melanie's daybook! I trust that all went well with your husband's thyroid surgery. I will certainly be praying for your sister and her chemo treatments. One of my brothers went through chemo last year about this time for bladder cancer. He is now cancer free.

    I've so enjoyed meeting you and I will look forward to hearing more about the project at school. Maybe a picture when it is finished? I'd love that!

    Love the picture you've shared!

  2. Thank you for joining! I'm sorry I'm a day late in thanking you. I had computer issues yesterday but all resolved now. I have your sister in my prayers and also your husband as well as he recovers from thyroid surgery. I enjoyed your answers. I hope to see you again next week!