Monday, September 17, 2018

17 September

The date today:  17 September, 2018

How's the weather? It is cooling off a bit lately but still rather humid.

What are you wearing? It's early morning...not quite 7 and I am in an

 turquoise blouse that I use to sleep in and a pair of pajama/beach pants. 

What chore around the house have you been putting off?

Cleaning off the extra beds. I have the summer beach towels on the and I

need to put them into the closet and pull out the hats and mittens while 

I'm in there. The closet is in an awkward place and it's hard to get in and

 out of. 

Is there anything in your fridge you need to throw out?

Last week's chili. I don't know why I keep making it, neither my husband 

nor myself are big fans. 

What are you reading?

trashy novels

A scripture verse you'd like to share.

Yours is the day, O God, yours also the night; :you established the moon and the sun.
You fixed all the boundaries of the earth;
You made both summer and winter.
Psalm 74:15-16

Is here a prayer request you'd like to share?

Please pray for my sister who is taking chemo pills every other week for at least a year. She has colon cancer which spread to her sacrum.

How about a creative project you are working on?
I am creating a diversity tapestry at work with the toddlers. 

What special dish or baked item are you planning for this week?
Puy lentils with bacon

Your latest acquisition?
I have a few things on a list of things we need but I haven't purchased anything as of yet. 

A photo you'd like to share? 
My grandson and I on the old fashioned swing in his yard.

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  1. I am continuing to pray for your sister as she takes the pill for cancer every other week. That has to be very near to your heart always.

    Love the picture of you and your grandson. He's a cutie, for sure!