Monday, May 14, 2018

the kitchen table

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My sister gifted me with a kitchen table

 that she doesn't have room for anymore.

She is making a new start in a new home.

It is perfect in our kitchen and makes the room quite cozy.

We took the bigger table that had been there and put it in the dining room.

I had my coffee there this morning as I read the Boston Pilot.

I live in the middle of a three pronged fork in the road.

My windows look out over a small park, a larger baseball field,

and the "lowlands" parking lot,

which is residential parking for the beach.

Today it's grey and rainy

but our kitchen will have bright morning light

if the sun ever comes back out.


My sister has stage 4 colon cancer in her bones.

She's just finished up the first stage of her chemo treatments

and is starting up on stage 2 this week.

Stage 2 is expected to last indefinitely.

We live about 3 hours apart so I don't get to help her as often as I wish.

It's comforting to sit at her table

and say a little morning prayer for

 a new, hope filled start in her new home.

Somehow, even though we are miles and miles apart

we have this little kitchen table connecting us with each other.

I often think of Mary and Elizabeth's friendship

and how Mary traveled to see her while they were both expecting.

Saturday I did a marathon drive to my sister's house

to help her move some things

and help to set up her new kitchen and dining rooms.

I said a prayer in each room for healing and hope

and laughter and happy family times....

and strength.

As women, we have a vital role in how our worlds go 'round.

We organize the kitchen because we know that is where the life is.

And, we set up dining rooms because we know that is where family gathers.

We put a bowl on a shelf, and we say a prayer,

and we put a glass in a cabinet and we say a prayer,

and we lay a cloth on a table and we say a prayer.

We share our hearts without words.

Late last night after I got home my husband and I

sat at the table and had a simple dinner of chicken baked with sauerkraut.

The table is old, and simple...strong and steadfast.

As am I.

We are the superheroes of our families...

finding comfort in an old table, a colourful placemat

and a bunch of scattered prayers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Oh, how I love these words about the vital connection between women around a table. And how you prayed in each room for your sister. I'm so sorry this sadness is part of your story.

  2. what a precious post, recently me and my sisters have started to re=connect. Life got in the way for many years and now we are doing much better. Your post inspired me Thanks for sharing come see us at

  3. Your beautiful story touched my heart.

  4. What a beautiful connection for you and your dear sister! I pray that she will get through this. I am still dealing with a few things after being diagnosed with breast cancer last July. Thanks for sharing with SYC.