Monday, May 21, 2018

the visit

The weekend found us full of family.

Saturday night we pulled the leaves out on the table.

We all sat 'round it and had a delicious spaghetti supper!

We even had birthday cake and ice-cream for dessert.

Cousins curled up on the couch and laughing with each other.

Aunts and Uncles sat at the table long after

the meal was finished and the sun had set down.

In the morning, I put out a bowl full of yogurt, some granola,

fresh berries, and home baked blueberry muffins.

Oh...and lots of hot coffee.

We ate as we woke and dressed and ran to brush our teeth.

And then it was time for them all to go...

I took the leaves out of the table and put the kitchen back to rights.

I put away the stacks of folded blankets.

In my head and in my heart I plan the next visit...not so far away next time.



  1. I loved this reflection! Isn't it amazing how our tables can spread open and be a place of welcome. You blessed each one who had a place and in so doing, you received a blessing!

  2. We sat around our table with friends and ate pizza last night.
    And whoopee pies.
    And I'll never get used to how small our "immediate" family is these days. I went for the leaf to put into the table because, in my mind, company means I need a bigger space. With only three of us home, I did the quick math: 3+2=5.
    Sheepishly, I put the leaf back.

  3. What a beautiful gathering! I'm sure everyone felt welcomed and loved!