Monday, June 11, 2018

in the gloaming

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joe and I cleaned off the porch over the weekend. 

This winter was quite a burly one on this rather tiny sort-of-an-island.

Spring has been much of the same

so that every time I try to get out there the wind picks up over the Atlantic

and I'm forced back indoor where it's warm.

We got all the sweeping done and the moving of the rockers and wicker.

Mine is old wicker that was once on the porch at my mum's house. 

It's comfortable enough to curl up in with a fleece blanket of a cool evening

watch the sun go down and the island settle in

gulls call out to one another on the shore line

neighbors roll by with their beach carts

I've still to put the plants out...the wind kicked up and the clouds rolled in

We came in for tuna sandwiches with pretzels and a pickle.

There are geraniums all over the house...

even the bathroom hosts a tiny white one in flower.

It will be chilly tomorrow -high of 61- so I will wait a bit longer still

Tuesday morning I will move them all out 

and find the perfect spot for each of them. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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