Monday, June 25, 2018

The old bureau

When we first moved here to this rather tiny sort-of-an-island

the bureau was in the kitchen.

It had a big old Norman Rockwell hanging over it

and all kinds of stuff stored in it...

hats and mittens in the bottom drawer

and foils, wraps, and plastic bags in the top drawer.

When I brought an old hutch home I moved the bureau to the living room.

It has a picture that my sister found at a tag sale hanging above it...

one of those old windows with a view painted on the glass...

a view of a path through some scrub bushes onto a beach.

It mirrors the view out the living room window just across from it.

The tiny chest of drawers holds rocks, and pebbles, and seashells

and I think some dominoes and a few old skeleton keys.

The drawers of the bureau are filled with light bulbs, batteries,

ribbons and various scraps of paper and strings.

But the star of the show is the old wooden truck.

Over the years it's blocks have spelled out Christmas, Thankful,

Easter and various birthday names but today...

Today it says SISTER....

My favorite little grandson Verne is going to be getting a sister!

She's due on Christmas Eve!

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