Thursday, June 14, 2018

Family Friday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My grandson, Verne, helped to mow the lawn while I 

was visiting last weekend. 

There is so much love in those hearts.

Joe and I sat on the porch the other night

watching a boat fishing in the gloaming. 

It's been nice enough out in the mornings 

for walking on the beach.

The gulls are funny to watch as I walk along the shore. 

We both walked the beach one evening after work. 

There were a couple of families still enjoying 

the early season evening before heading home for dinner. 

Verne paused in his busy landscaping to enjoy the buttercups

growing wild in the yard.

If you would like to join me for Family Friday

please feel free to add a link to a post about your family.

Richard Bach once said that rarely do members of one's family

grow up under the same roof.

In light of that, you may have friends that you think of as family

or pets that are certainly a part of your family as well.


  1. What an amazing view from your porch...Im more than just a bit jealous!!
    Grandsons are amazing... I have one...and one on the way. They are the best...although grand daughters are on an equal footing too
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Phoebe x

  2. What cute photos of Verne. I love the beach photos, too - so peaceful.

  3. Verne is adorable. How sweet that he helped you mow!

    Your beach photos are beautiful! I miss living near the ocean. I used to live in Florida, and we lived and breathed the beach then. Now, we are in landlocked Idaho, so it's only on visits home or treks to the Oregon coast that we see the ocean.


  4. Aww, I love little kids and their pretend lawnmowers. They are so serious about getting the job done. Such gorgeous pictures. It would be so relaxing sitting on your porch with that view.