Friday, July 27, 2018

Family Friday

On Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my mum.

On the way to her house I noticed that there was a beautiful 

sailboat anchored just off  Egg rock.

It was so pretty that I pulled over 

along Lynn Shore Drive to get a picture.

Mum and I ate our breakfast on the dock at her club.

 Breakfast is very simple but the view is stunning.

We watched the townies going off for a sail of a morning

and a few larger fishing boats head out as well.

After breakfast we walked over to Fort Sewall.

It's in old town Marblehead and the streets are very narrow.

Fort Beach Way has their mailboxes set up along the main road because 

it's too difficult for the post to get down into the tiny street.

My mum and I have been coming here together since I was a baby.

I hadn't seen her in a while because we both have been very busy.

It was nice to be together.

Last night I got caught in a rainstorm on the way home from work.

But, as I was driving home from the train station the sun came out

and as soon as I got onto this rather tiny island....

a huge rainbow!

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  1. gorgeous rainbow!!

    Yay for time with,your mother. Pretty scenery!

    Happy weekend

  2. Your photos are making me nostalgic for the place I grew up in southern TX right on the coast. I love watching the boats and the water. Glad you had a good visit with your mom! Those mailboxes are so cute. And what a lovely rainbow - always a treat to see them.

  3. Treasure each moment with your mum! It's a blessing!
    Your photos are lovely and show the beauty of where you live.

  4. A truly happy post; your mom is lucky to have you nearby ... and vice versa!! The Rainbow waas a perfect wrap up!!