Friday, August 17, 2018

Family Friday

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My daughter, Hannah, and I got together on Saturday.

We only had an hour before she had to get to work

but we had a nice lunch and the wonderful

company of each other. 

We didn't get a picture so I pulled this one of her from a few years ago.

Monday I  had the day off work so that I could babysit for my grandson, Verne. 

We had a wonderful day together!

My daughter and her husband, who are expecting a girl on Christmas Eve,

had to spend the day at Boston Children's hospital

because a cleft lip was found at the last ultrasound.

They had to have all kinds of tests done on the baby.

The wonderful news, praise God, is that she has nothing but

a very minor cleft lip.

Bonnie had to have an hour long MRI which was not fun for her.

But, she got these wonderful images of the baby (Little Fish)

My sister, Holly, came up to visit for a long weekend.

She was feeling a bit better so decided to take the drive down to my mum's house.

My brother and his fiance joined us all for a lobster dinner on Sunday night!

Holly, my mum, and I went to Mass together Sunday morning

and then out to breakfast afterward.

It was a lovely day.

My brother and his fiance told us funny stories about their adventures

on their recent vacation to Scotland....stories involved driving on the

opposite side of the road and a turbulent ride in a small plane.

I didn't get a chance to post last week but I was up at my daughter's camp

last Friday night for her bachelorette  party.

It was held at Camp Verne and just before she got there

the weather started to look pretty ugly.

But other than a bit of wind the storm passed us by!

We spent the evening painting rocks...#Bonnieanddan2018

It was fun!

The following day I went to a muster with them.

It happened to be pouring down hard.

Verne loved it though...

It was hot enough that he could get as wet as he wanted without getting chilled.

As you can see he wanted to get as wet as wet can be!

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  1. What a relief that Little Fish has only a minor cleft palette. ... Being in an MRI machine for an hour is quite a feat. I've accompanied several friends and each one said it took some mental/emotional strength to stay in there.

    How lovely that you and your daughter took that hour for lunch. An hour is better than no time together.

    Your grandson's photos made me smile. How fun that you got to see him having such fun.

    Have a refreshing week.
    Susan from fruitfulWords

  2. what a great list of faves! one of my former students had MAJOR brain surgery at Boston CHildren's hospital and let me tell ya.....if i lived closer that's where my children would have been born..excellent hospital and staff. Praise God the little baby girl will be ok....and i believe there's simple surgery now to fix the cleft palette right? I'll pray for her..that ultrasound picture reall yshows the miracle of life doesn't it?

    Congrats to your other daughter and her fiancee!! How exciting to be planning a wedding.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Aww I love the pics of Verne out in the rain. It must have been a relief to find there's nothing major wrong with the coming baby. Your Christmas is going to be exciting. Have a good weekend.

  4. Wonderful family news about the baby's lip. And I love how you share family pictures on your blog. I've been thinking that I need to do that more often.

  5. Your week was filled with family! I love that! Verne is growing so big. Obviously, he was having a great time in the rain!
    I am thankful with you that Little Fish's cleft lip is minor and easily repaired.

  6. Love this family filled fave five. Amazing that they can see something like a cleft lip in an ultra sound. So glad it is only minor. Verne looks right in his element in the rain.