Friday, September 14, 2018

family Friday

I have been creating a diversity tapestry with my class.

I have a big bag full of fabric that represents different colours of people.

The toddlers each take turns choosing a fabric strip

and I help them weave it into our tapestry. 

When it's done we will hang it in our class room

or perhaps in a more public area in our center.


I am feeling much better this week and I am very thankful for all

of my friends who sent me prayers and well wishes.


My husband went to his post-op appointment yesterday.

The doctor said he still has C type hyperplasia and will have to be in contact

with an endocrinologist but that it doesn't seem to be a problem right now.

All in all it was a good report and Joe had his stitches removed

and was cleared to go back to work.


Sunflower season!

I am stopping by the sunflower farm near my daughter's house this weekend.

Normally, both of my daughters and I meet there at this time of year

but this year we can't make it.

So, I am just going to drop into the farm stand .

I'm hoping for a big flower head with seeds that I can bring into my class.



  1. Oh how fun the tapestry design must be for your daycare students!! Great idea!!

    I love sunflowers and have some artificial ones in a big blue jug on my front porch but i am stopping this weekend at a local farm near the Berkshires to get some real ones!!

    Glad you are better and that your husband had a good report.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Will look forward to seeing your finished tapestry. Lovely idea. Glad you are feeling better and that hubby is doing ok. Have a good weekend.

  3. I LOVE the sunflower photo. I have always wanted to go to a sunflower farm. I will have to look and see if there are any near me. Taking a head into your classroom would be so fun for the kiddos.
    You do interesting things with them. I.e. I bet your kiddos are enjoying the weaving process. I like the reasoning behind the project. It will look lovely on the wall.
    So glad that you and your husband are doing better this week. You two are in my prayers.
    Have a blessed week.
    Susan from FruitfulWords

  4. I adore the weaving of different color fabrics with your class project! I love what I'm seeing of it so far!

    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better this week. It is never fun to be under the weather.

    I was sorry to read of the results of your husband's post-op appointment, but glad to know that it isn't a problem at this time.

    Sunflowers are such bright cheerful plants! Enjoy your trip to the farm stand.

  5. What a neat idea with the tapestry! I'm so glad you're feeling better and your husband got a good report.

  6. I love my sunflowers, and every year it's a dilemma as to whether I should just leave them alone so I can enjoy them outdoors or bring more of them inside so they can live in the kitchen with me all day. (Maybe I should just spend more time outside!)

  7. Sunflowers are my fav flowers! Thanks for your comment on my post about hearty soups! I see you’re a grandmother too, yay, glad to meet another one of us ♥

  8. The sunflower photo is beautiful! They always make me smile :)

  9. Hmm . . . back again-and so glad that you are feeling better and that your husband's medical situation is stable.
    I love sunflowers, too, but my comment about them seems to have been lost in space.

  10. I like that tapestry! Do you weave it in by hand?
    Sunflowers are such happy flowers! I had one volunteer pop up in my garden this year.
    I'm glad both you and your husband are feeling better.