Saturday, September 8, 2018


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If we love one another, God remains in us,

and his love is brought to perfection in us.

1 John 4:12

~ ~ ~

Imagine God's love being brought to perfection...

in me? Or in you?

I had to double check what part of speech "if" is.

It is a conjunction...forming two sentences, or parts, into one.

If  we love one another God remains in us. 

And, who wouldn't want God's love to remain in them

and be brought to perfection?

That's sort of a given....

so all we have to do is love one another.

How hard can that be, right?

So you (and I) spend a lifetime learning, reading, worshiping, 

awakening ourselves spiritually, gaining self-discipline and self-control,

sacrificing with a merry heart, serving with joy, 

coming to terms with accepting and receiving, being humble,

learning to love one another...

and starting over again when we mess it all up,

which we will because we will never be perfect.

But, here's the thing...

God is perfect.

And if we love one another his love is brought to perfection in us. 


  1. We make belief pretty complicated. I love the if/then propositions in Scripture that send me back to God for the ability to live and believe.

  2. So grateful it is His love deposited into our hearts that enables us to love.

  3. What a beautiful, uplifting message! We are made to love one another with compassion and kindness. God's grace is with us always. His love is brought to perfection in us!

  4. The Lord lays it all out there for us, doesn't He?

  5. Love how your last sentence sums it up perfectly. If we love one another then all seems calm and at peace within ourselves because God loves us. Even if not perfect in other ways, love can be perfection with God in the mix.

  6. How beautiful the thought that God's perfect love can be made perfect in me, when I am willing to let him work in my life.