Monday, September 10, 2018

she looketh well to the ways of her household

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

soup bubbles on the stove

and the kettle's on for tea

Summer is winding down - school has started

The beaches are quiet....

I no longer hear the squeals of children as they play in the surf

but instead, the sound of the tides rolling the on rocks 

in and out...ebb and flow.

The boys down the road meet up in the park across the street

and play a game of football in the early afternoon

just before the sun sets

 I love the rhythm of  Autumn.

All of us beginning to gather in close at end of day

A thousand sunset colours dancing off the walls in the parlor.

This morning I put on a sweater and wrapped a blanket about me

as I sat on the pouch drinking my tea. 

One hundred acorns gathered while walking 

and bittersweet berries along the dunes.

They are still all close in tight and yellow

against the deep burgundy of the sumac bushes

Monday: Chili

Tuesday: Meatloaf, new red potatoes, green beans

Wednesday: Turkey tacos

Thursday: Crock pot chicken Marsala

Friday: Turkey/sweet potato poppers, zucchini fries

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: Beef Stroganoff, egg noodles, broccoli

oatmeal cake with chocolate icing

morning glory muffins

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. What a lovely picture you have painted for us with your words. These words, "the sound of the tides rolling the on rocks in and out...ebb and flow." especially caused me to relax. I love that sound...the ebb and flow of it all is so soothing to me. We are soon going to be in Maine...close to the coast. I can hardly wait!

    Your menu sounds wonderful! Today we will be having salmon cakes (made from salmon my brother-in-law caught and canned), soup beans cooked with ham chunks and cornbread.

    I hope you have a lovely week. I surely enjoy your blog!

  2. What a beautiful poem! I love how you have summed up the feelings of autumn. Your menu plan sounds delicious too. Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope to see you again this week. Have a great week ahead!

  3. Love your thoughts on autumn, and your menu plan has me hankering for morning glory muffins. I know my husband will be pleased by that!