Friday, July 6, 2018

Family Friday

What could Verne be looking for?

I think it's a little sister....she's due on Christmas Eve!

We will  the boys with us this week.

I have been walking the beach with Joe in the mornings before work.

It's been so hot that it's nice to get out early before the sun is full in the sky.

The Fourth of July we spent a few hours at the beach.

It was very hot and humid.

The water was full of boats all week.

This little kayak/sailboat was hugging the coastline of an afternoon.

I got a nice image of it from the porch while I was sipping a cool lemonade.

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  1. Who is more excited about the little sister? Grandma or Verne? Congratulations!
    I never tire of looking at ocean and beach photos!

  2. I used to pass a lake on the way to where my m-i-l lived at the time, and it was so peaceful to see boats on the water. Yay for a new grandchild on the way!

  3. Congratulations on the forthcoming grandchild. Is it definitely a girl? Exciting for everyone especially Verne. Spending time on the beach is always good, especially early before it's too busy and too hot.

  4. Your beach walks sound wonderful - I can't think of a nicer way to start the day. How exciting to have a new baby arriving!

  5. Aww congratulations. How exciting to be waiting the arrival of another grandbaby! What a great way to spend the holiday than on a beach.